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Well, let's look at its history first. The name Yummy came from the minds of a number of people. Sure you might be thinking that this word is used by a number of people on the planet Earth to describe something that is good or tastey. Well, this is true. But, we got our name from our good friend SPK. The name was inspired after a nick-name that he had: Spick-Em-Up-Yum (which was invented by a good friend Miguel). We stole the Yum part to make Yummy Recordings. (He also had a cat named Yucky. You can take what you want from that.)

The label was first developed for Palooka. This goes back to the winter of 1999. Joe Lapinski recorded their first album (with Eron's help) and found that he wanted to continue recording music. So thus began the label that is Yummy.




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